Vid Of The Month – April 2016

Vid Of The Month – April 2016

I’d love for my kids to watch this one day, hopefully while I am still alive. I lost one of my moms years ago, today I remembered those times I didn’t come home and didn’t call and how upset she was. At the time I thought she was just being a nag, today, with kids of my own, I now understand. Mom, I miss you, Love Me.

The 4 E’s Of Motherhood


The 4 E’s that we mammas live by are the biggest reasons we are stressed and overwhelmed.  Go figure right, this sooo wasn’t in my job description.

So what are the 4 E’s of Motherhood?

Mamma’s Are:

  • Everything to
  • Everyone
  • Every minute
  • of every day

You know what I’m talking about right?

From the time you open your eyes, usually not by choice, to the time your brain decides to give you a break and shuts down long enough for you to drift into blissful sleep, you mamma, are the centre of the universe for everyone in your home. Read More

My Big Dream



Having tackled so much of my emotional baggage over 2015, I was able to clear space in my heart and mind to allow new ideas and new possibilities into my life.

The biggest and the one that brings me the most energy and passion is a foundation that I am working towards setting up over the next couple of years.

It’s at its infancy stage right now.  Putting it out there makes my heart flutter and contract all at the same time.  To allow you into a very personal place in my soul fills me with hope.

So what is this Big dream?

To bring together a support network of people who are ready, and willing to help moms safely remove themselves and their babies from an abusive relationship and home.

In its simplest form it would assist with the actual extraction of the family from the situation and transferring them to a safe, secure and compassionate sanctuary where they would receive coaching, counselling and career/business mentoring to help bring them to a space where they are able to feel healed and whole.

My blog, my coaching and all other ventures I undertake are in some way contributing to building this big dream and making it a reality.

Today I wanted to set into motion the next step of this big dream.

Today I am looking for ideas and feedback from you.

Do you know of a network that is already doing this that I may be able to collaborate with.  Maybe you have been through this and want to help in some way but you’re not sure what you could contribute?  Maybe you just feel that this cause resonates with you?

I am not looking for monetary contributions at this stage, today I am hoping to put into motion a co-creation of energy.  The stronger the better.

If you feel  in someway that this is something that calls to you too, I would be honoured and humbled to make contact with you.

Please fill in the contact form below, or email me at

I thank you for taking the time to read this, and my hope is that this post reaches those who are called to the same work I have been and who are ready to take a step towards making that calling a reality.


Monthly Quotes and Pick Me Up’s – March 2016

Mommy Mantras That Get Me Through The Day


This mantra helps when I’m ready to say or do something that I will feel guilty about.  Like yelling at the kids or calling my S.O a lazy ass.




This is how I stay in the moment.  Especially when things are chaotic.  I remind myself to put one breath in front of the other and move forward.



This is a phrase I use whenever my kids are being over the top un-awesome.





This is a great mantra when you start to have those nasty negative thoughts.  It stops them in their tracks and makes your brain think in a more positive way.



And this is my fav when I can’t be fkd being positive and just hope for nutural

Are Judgements Killing Your Mommy Mojo?


We all have someone who as well-meaning as they say they are trying to be, they can come across as rather judgemental.

The fact that we are judging them on being judgemental is a whole nother issues.

Needless to say, if a mamma is caught up in a constant stream of judgemental well-meaning advice, she can start to lose her mommy mojo.  Her confidence.

There’s always stories about the good old Mother in Law who’s been there and done that and knows way better than you do.

Or, my fav, the ‘friend’ who thinks she knows it all but hasn’t walked in your shoes.

Maybe you have a relative that is constantly talking about how they do things and compare them to how you do them?

How does that make you feel?

The answer to that question depends on how strong your emotional foundations are.

If you are confident in who you are as a mamma, and you embrace the advice of others, your are more likely to be thinking “ok, well, that may work for them but I know what works for me and mine”.

If not, then you will go with their advice and when it doesn’t work for you, you end up feeling guilty or feeling like a failure.

If you are starting to feel like a failure compared to others, or by the standards of others, then the first place you may want to improve on is your own emotional foundations.

Awhile ago, when I was first looking into becoming a coach, I shared my dream with a family member.  Her reaction stunned me.  She told me that I wouldn’t make a good coach.  I was like, wtf?  At the time my emotional foundations were at a pretty low point.  Think broken down old shack made of rusty old tin.  I knew she was saying it because she didn’t want me to have a go then fail and feel bad for failing.  It still hurt like a mofo though.  I ended up looking into other avenues but I knew deep down that coaching was my calling and mamma’s were who I wanted to serve.

A few months ago, I spent time with this relative and this time she partially mocked what I was doing.

This time I was able to say “Well, it’s who I am and I’m good at it”.

When I got home, I still questioned myself and my choice, but I was able to brush it off knowing her heart was in the right place and I forgot about it.

So when your being judged, reach down deep inside yourself and ask “Is this my truth or theirs?”

9 times out of 10 it will be theirs and you will be able to invest less emotion into their opinions or advice or straight out nastiness.

Use those judgements to fuel your fire to prove how frigging awesome you are no matter what they say.

Bit by bit, as you let go of the need to be what others think you should be, you will find out who you are and be that instead.

I may not be the best coach around, but for my clients, and my potential clients, I am becoming the best I can be.

And that’s good enough for me!


STFU & Just Relax – A Forum Reply


Awhile ago I was reading through my news feed on Facebook and came across a post in one of the Mommy Forums titled “Just STFU”.

Interest perked I took a little looky.  So I read the post, and re-read the post, and read it again.

I should have stopped on the first round and left it at that because they more I read it, the more angry I was getting.

Like pissed off to the max wana slap someone upside their head kind of angry.  So I took some deep belly breaths to calm my physical response and started to read it one more time but with a clearer more open head and heart.

And I still got angry!

Let me fill you in on the gist of the post from my perspective. Read More

Declutter Your Mommy Mind and Rest Easy Mamma

Woman in bed in the dark

Its 3am.  Your laying in bed wide awake even though your body is telling you it’s done for the day, your mind won’t quit.

Oh shit, you forgot to pull the meat out for tomorrow.  Meh, maybe you can shoot to the store and pick something up tomorrow (ummmm later today).  Wait!  That means getting the kids into the car and taking them to the store with you AND it’s meant to rain.  Rain?  Well that’s not going to help the overflowing basket of washing that needs to be done because it’s stinking out the laundry.

Blah this……and Oh shit that….

And before you know it its 3.30am and you just spent a half hour stressing over everything you need to get done.

Let me share with you a process that has helped me to achieve that blissful things called sleep.


Read More